Nicholas Colin on Tech and Europe


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I talk to Nicholas Colin, entrepreneur and investor, and formerly of the French civil service. We discuss the education system in France, how European hackers can work in a more regulated system, and his book Hedge, which discusses a new social contract for the 21st century.

[00:00:00] Welcome

[00:01:00] The Family

[00:02:00] Education of entrepreneurs

[00:03:00] London vs Paris

[00:04:00] Business school in France

[00:05:00] Seeing the world through hacker eyes

[00:06:00] Tests based on mathematics and physics

[00:07:00] The Son Also Rises

[00:08:00] French professional émigrés

[00:09:00] Apple and France

[00:10:00] Regulation in Europe

[00:11:00] Using lawyers to fight regulation

[00:12:00] The common law system

[00:13:00] Stigma against lawsuits in Europe

[00:14:00] Rechtsstaat legal tradition

[00:15:00] Uber vs European politicians

[00:16:00] Macron’s presidency

[00:17:00] Pan-European efforts at lobbying governments

[00:18:00] Hedge and the modern social contract

[00:19:00] Context for the book Hedge

[00:20:00] The playbook to rebuild trust around tech

[00:21:00] The three functions of a social contract

[00:22:00] Reinventing the social contract for the 21st century

[00:23:00] Modern collective bargaining

[00:24:00] Retraining and exiting bad organisations

[00:25:00] Unions like the Writer’s Guild of America

[00:26:00] What is working in the EU

[00:27:00] Fragmentation of governments

[00:28:00] Changing the system from the inside

[00:29:00] Writing and communicating with politicians

[00:30:00] Tony Blair and David Cameron

[00:31:00] The rise of Green parties throughout Europe

[00:32:00] A tech-powered green new deal

[00:33:00] London as a hub for writing and thinking around tech revolution

[00:34:00] Where to read about European tech startups