Ending substack

Thanks for subscribing...

Hi readers,

Thanks for subscribing to the substack back in the summer. I hope it’s been useful / helpful and informative in some way.

It’s the end of a very short era… this is the last version of the newsletter. I had a lot to say at the start of the summer, mostly thinking about the internet from an international perspective, but now I’ve pretty much said it all. To wrap things off, I’ll release the rest of the podcast backlog (I think it’s nearly like 10 episodes now) later this week.

I’m going to keep updates sporadically, including extras for the paid subscribers, but I’m also ending the video show. It seemed like a fun idea, but it took a ton of time to produce and edit and not enough people were watching.

I’m also probably going to be less active on Twitter. Mostly I’m finding talking about non-internet politics to be pretty boring, and doing stuff is generally better than writing about doing stuff. But feel free to reach out and email me if you would like to chat about technology and the future. I am currently thinking about how the coming decade will be much more crazy than the one that came before it — and maybe in a good way.

Thanks for reading,